What People are Saying

Amanda Stuck is proud to be the voice of the middle class. She has been active in the community and is always proud of the endorsements she earned through her journey and drive to provide a positive community for her family to grow up in, and be a part of .

Public Supporters

  • Marge Koepke
  • Suzi Quall
  • Lee and Nancy Kasten
  • Zane Dietrich
  • Andrew Dane
  • Connie Roop
  • Barbara Boudry
  • Dianne Lang
  • Thom Phillips
  • Margaret Carroll
  • Nichole Leonhardt
  • Paula Hoglund
  • Kathleen Isaacson
  • Paul Gregg
  • Meryl Brimmer
  • Nettie McGee
  • Barbara Winter
  • Mary Swifka and Dean Sauers
  • Sandi Moore
  • Allen Langenhuizen
  • Dottie LeClair
  • Richard Schoenbohm
  • Jeanne Collins
  • Mark Schoenbohm
  • Joan Kaeding
  • Dick and Chris Calder

*Individuals listed above have agreed to have their name publicized. These individuals are showing their support by volunteering and/or displaying yard signs.


  • Branch 822, NALC
  • Citizens Action of WI
  • Clean Wisconsin PAC
  • EMILY’S List
  • Fair Wisconsin PAC
  • NOW, WI Chapter
  • Wisconsin Women in Numbers